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I regret NOTHING ;)
Hii ^^
First thing first :3
I am currently opening my first commission and I would love it if you commissioned me ><
More info in my journal and if yaa think its to expensive then we can deal because the numbers were quite random since I had noo idea what I should price them on =_=
Ehhhh on to the info

I am a 15 year old girl who is just finished her last year in school XD
I am not a pro in english so please bear the awful writing... pretty Please bear it with me :/
I like to draw once in a while and post it here on DA :D
I do not think I'm awful or good I just draw for fun :3
DA is kinda like my other life at the moment....(thumbs up for double life)

Some random facts about myself.....Very random
* I am always hurting myself because I'm very clumsy :P Last monday I cut myself with chocolate..... How clumsy can you get!!!!! It wouldn't stop bleeding for about an hour or so...
* I am the only one in my school who likes Japan, manga, anime and all relative to art and japan :D
* There are noo art classes in my school and that sucks :P
*I really wanna go to a con <3
* I like baking exept for the part were I have to clean up the mess ( I am terrible when it comes to the kitchen cause it always look like someone just had world war 2 there even when I make noodless:O )
* I'm getting better though at cooking thanks to my brother who I adore more than anything in the world :D
In fact now I never burn, destroy my food... nubbb it actally tastes great :D
* I have an AWESOME brother like I said, who I would die for without thinking twice =^^=
* My bestfriend is almost the oppesite of me ( haha just like yin ang yang)
* I LOVE computergames ( played them before I was born)
* and I love every computer platform in the world ( my brother always buys a new computer and uses it for a week or so then he gets bored with them and gives me them.... ( I love him so much :D )
*We almost own every kind of computer thanks to my bro :iconplzzz:
* I like random stuff and tend to say random things
* I dont care what people think about me... so I act like myself and I am proud of it :)
* I am never cold for some reason ( and it's very cold were I live)
* I like kawaii things and everytime I see something cute I go " AWWWWW" (Think my friends are going to kill me soon for this)
* I love manga and anime
* My favourite animal are cats, penguin, fox, panda, dogs, rabbits and probably a lot more :3
* I Love Legend of zelda, ssbb, mario, star fox, final fantasyand almost every series that I have played and belive me They are billions... guess I can write a little more though... like assasin Creed, Call of Duty, left4death, Borderlands, Portal, team fortress, professor layton, super mario galxy, all legend of zelda, puzzle games, stragedy games, resident of evil, psychonauts, sly cooper, paper mario okay I got to stop now or I would probably write a novel of the computergames I have cleared or played......
* I like candy ^_^ Who doesn't???
* Huge fan of noodles(not as much though anymore :( )
* Always dreamt to cosplay one day...But none of my friends even know what that is... I'm just a geek in my own world here :3
* I wanna travel to Japan :3 <3 with these three people... My brother.. Brimrun :iconbrimrun: or my best friend... his so much fun and I couldn't live with out him :blush:
* Have never told any of my friends about this site.... but I planning on showing 2 of my friends now....
I just summoning enough corage to do so =3
(I have now already tolf them yibby)
* I have one friend whos VERY similair to me :D She has a accont her but unluckly she doesn't live in the same village as me... :( :iconbrimrun:
There are so many things that I wanne write but I am just to lazy :/
maybe later but feel free to ask about anything :D

Ohh and I have too of the amazest friends in real life here on DA....
only met them twice because they live on the other side of the country but I feel like I hae know them all my life :3

Here are my superfantastickchocolatestrawberrylemon friends for the world!!!!!!!
:iconbrimrun: My third time mentioning her :blush:

Current Residence: who knows maybe in your closet ;)
Favourite genre of music: I like good music but dont to much rock and not to peaceful =) I dont know.. music that has a beat
Favourite photographer: My brother XD
Favourite style of art: manga if you can call it a style :)
MP3 player of choice: one that is in my bag right now
Shell of choice: wow what a tough one.. humm the shell that i painted in rainbow colors :D
Skin of choice: mine lolzzzz -_-
Favourite cartoon character: I like them all!!! I think..:/humm
Hi People
First of all I like to say I'm really sorry for those who looked forward for my new Kirby comic.
My tablet has been out for a while because someone decided it would be fun to take my pen and then completely destroy it :(
I'm really sorry but there will be no more digital drawings for a while.... still I have made a script for the next 3 pages so if you cannot wait until Christmas, note me and I can draw the comic inn a traditional way. Now there is just one minor bad detail about that, I am not good at scanning pictures and fixing them in the computer so there would never be the same quality as in my digital drawings but I would be much quicker with the comic.
It's your choice which one you prefer  =^^=

Now for the rest
I haven't been activated for a long time have I....
I miss my friends I have here and I regret sometimes disapearing without a comment or note to the them. I just Hope the see these message!
Plus I have been drawing really many picture but I never post them.
Your see, I don't see the reason, they are just my pictures which people will look at and then forget.... It has been the same circle again and again annnddd again.
Don't get my wrong I LOVE drawing but now I feel like I'm drawing for myself again.
Love this site so much I wish I could live both the "real world" and this ine but I'm tooo well you see I just can't live in them both =(
There is noo time for both of them ,=_=,
So have a nice day people and sorry yet again about not commenting on your pictures, sending notes or faving....
I will though reply to every note or comment and I will sometimes comment on drawings because I love commenting on other peoples work
It's a beautiful feeling which I would describe as my weird self fluffy.
haha I always get this fluffy feeling when commenting x3

So Kirby comics begin again after Christmas when I got a new tablet if not I have to buy one.....
Though I will continue writing a script, and if you like to see my comic straight away then note my and I will draw it traditional and it will be coloreful.....
I always get overboard with the colors in my traditional ... :(
Which reminds me I have a tons okay I lied 3 new drawings in my drawer if your curious ;)

Anyway I love you all
You basically saved me, this whole site did
And now I'm free.....................*runs away*
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  • Playing: cry of fear
  • Eating: just food

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